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Who We Are

We are an independent, socially-responsible media and technology company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We provide consulting services in audio recording, mixing and mastering, live sound, acoustic design and technology.


Chief Engineer Andy Carballeira is a performer, educator, and engineer working at the intersection of art and science. A jazz organist with a passion for science and engineering, Mr. Carballeira has notable experience in both the art and science of sound. He holds teaching appointments at Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory. Andy holds a BM in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music and is the recipient of the Newman Medal in Architectural Acoustics. His work has appeared in venues ranging from Downbeat Magazine to The Annals of Internal Medicine.


Driftwood Audio was founded as a consulting firm in 2003 to provide expert advice in the areas of acoustics, technical systems, and sound recording. The firm specializes in providing elegant design solutions rooted in science and inspired by jazz. With a growing catalog of over twenty amazing record releases, Driftwood Audio has its compass set on supporting artists and creative people the world over.


phone: ( 617) 429-7162